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ArgoSat Advisors provides a full suite of highly-specialized satellite consulting services to our clients

What we do

Experts in Satellite Project Development

ArgoSat’s strength lies in our extensive experience and deep understanding of technology and finance. Our expertise and coordination of these two distinct areas sets us apart from other industry experts. This allows us to more efficiently examine all aspects of the industry from technical, business and financial standpoints. Our philosophy is to work completely embedded, hand-in-hand with Company management, to maximize project success.

Project Development

ArgoSat and its principals have supported multiple satellite development programs and financings.  Our work has encompassed everything from development of the initial business plan, conceptual design of the satellites needed to meet the business goals, running the satellite procurement (both technical and commercial), negotiating orbital slot agreements, selecting and procuring a suitable launch service, securing insurance, and monitoring the build process to ensure technical, schedule, and financial compliance. We have deep knowledge and working experience with all the major satellite manufacturers and launch service providers.


We have supported multiple early stage, later stage (early revenue), and more mature companies on both the company side and the investor side. We have performed buy-side diligence as a firm, and as individuals have advised on investments or acted as principal investors on over US$6 billion in transactions. While these transactions were primarily in the tech and telecom arena, many of these transactions were in manufacturing or service companies as well, giving us the knowledge and experience to utilize best practices from other areas when guiding our clients.

Who we are

Richard Davis

Richard is a dynamic, proven strategist, with astute leadership skills developed in operational and financial roles over a 20-year corporate finance career.  Richard brings to ArgoSat a wealth of experience in corporate strategy, M&A and project finance across multiple technology sectors. He has extensive knowledge of the private and public markets, and a sound business judgment.  Our clients benefit  from his sharp intelligence and his keen understanding of what it takes to succeed.

Dr. Graeme Shaw

Graeme is an innovative, respected technologist and business strategist with over 20 years of progressive experience in the aerospace and telecommunications industries.  An expert in Business Development, strategy, and engineering, Graeme has been responsible for the design and procurement of dozens of operational spacecraft. Clients benefit from Graeme’s superior analytical and communication skills and his ability to quickly formulate innovative solutions that address their true business needs.

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